All of our dentists are Board Certified dental specialists and are among the best in the region. All the dental work performed in our Yonkers dental clinic.


Every member of your family, from your littlest ones to your great grandparents, deserves dental work that’s conscious of your pain level. You’ve come in to see the dentist in the Yonkers either for a regularly scheduled exam and cleaning or because you’re in pain. Pain-free dental work by our dentists is at the core of this dentistry center in the Yonkers.

The first step is listening to what’s going on and checking your symptoms. Family dental issues can cover a broad range, but our family and cosmetic dentistry center focuses on prevention because the best way to treat dental problems is to avoid them. Our top general dentists can handle every dental problem, including:

  • Tooth Pain Yonkers NY

    Tooth Pain

  • Tooth Decay Yonkers NY

    Tooth Decay

  • Tooth Nerve Pain Yonkers NY

    Tooth Nerve Pain

  • Throbbing Tooth Yonkers NY

    Throbbing Tooth

  • Broken Tooth Yonkers NY

    Broken Tooth

  • Cracked Tooth Yonkers NY

    Cracked Tooth

  • Hole in Tooth Yonkers NY

    Hole in Tooth

  • Jaw Pain Yonkers NY

    Jaw Pain

  • Uneven Bite Yonkers NY

    Uneven Bite

  • Overlapping Teeth Yonkers NY

    Overlapping Teeth

  • Denture Repair Yonkers NY

    Denture Repair

Do you have any questions about common dental problems? For more information or to schedule an appointment with the best Yonkers dentists of Park Avenue Smiles please contact us.