Last updated: Jun 27, 2022

Dentures give you the confidence to smile if you have missing teeth. You can get same-day dentures either as complete dentures or flexible partial dentures in a day. In our dentistry center, we offer thin and light metal alloy dentures that are stronger and more resistant to breakages as well as virtually unbreakable thermoplastic nylon dentures. They’re ready on the same day, hence the name. Our good dentist can place flexible dentures shortly after your natural teeth are removed. Cheap and inexpensive same-day dentures get you back to your normal routine quickly with a full set of teeth.

    To get the look of natural teeth without dental implant surgery, consider flexible dentures in a day. The advantages of having same-day full or partial dentures include being able to leave your Yonkers dentist’s office with natural-looking teeth.

    Our best-rated dentists can place dentures in a day that replicate the shape, color and alignment of your natural teeth thanks to the latest technology and treatments. Our patients are satisfied to have an immediate aesthetic prosthesis the same day.

    Other names for dentures in a day procedure include:

    • Immediate dentures
    • Temporary dentures
    • Emergency dentures
    • 1 Day dentures
    • Same day partial dentures

    Sometimes you need inexpensive same-day dentures at the time you have teeth extracted. The dentures in some cases emergency dentures protect the tissues and gums surrounding your teeth while reducing any bleeding. Your dentist is prepared to work with you and your family to fulfill your needs with convenient hours and the latest treatment for your oral health.

    Dr. Amir Sadighpour is excellent dentists he worked on my denture years ago, he made such a great job I was very satisfied. However because of the distance I was forced to see another dentist but the quality of the work did not match, so I felt the need of returning to Dr. AMIR . Again he did a great work He made me feel comfortable. He is very gentle and he cares about his patient, he really knows his job. I would recommend him to anyone
    Mirza Loredo
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    What Are Dentures?

    Dentures are removable dental appliances or prostheses that are designed to replace one or more missing teeth. They normally have a gum-colored base made from either acrylic resin or perhaps from flexible nylon and this base will rest directly on the gums. The base is used to support replacement teeth that are generally made from plastic.

    In the past, these teeth were often made from porcelain but plastic is hard to wear and less likely to break, and the most modern plastic dental teeth look very lifelike.

    An experienced dentist will go to a great deal of trouble when fabricating a dentures in a day, making sure it is designed for maximum comfort and stability while ensuring it provides good retention so it will not move around when you try to eat or talk. There is quite an art in doing this because there are a lot of things a dentist needs to consider during this process. Your new denture teeth will need to be functional so you can eat and talk comfortably and this factor is likely to take precedence over your appearance.

    Full Dentures

    Full dentures are used to replace a complete arch of teeth and any missing gum tissue. These dentures generally consist of an acrylic base that may be strengthened with some form of metal and lower dentures are constructed in a horseshoe shape allowing your tongue to rest in its natural position and leaving the floor of your mouth uncovered.

    Upper dentures are constructed to cover up the upper palate. This is necessary to increase the retention of the denture. 

    Partial Dentures

    Partial dentures are made quite differently and are normally strengthened with a metal alloy. Quite often cobalt chrome is used because this is a light and highly biocompatible metal. Using a metal alloy helps to keep the fabrication of the denture thinner and lighter so it’s more comfortable to wear and of course it will be stronger and more resistant to breakages.

    While a partial denture may also rest on the gums, it will have clasps that will fit around your existing teeth, aiding the retention of the denture and helping to keep it in place. Some partial dentures are fabricated with what are called special attachments, where one end of the attachment on the denture will fit into a specially adapted crown or bridge over your natural teeth. This helps ensure the partial denture remains very firmly in place until you need to remove it for cleaning.

    Flexible Partial Dentures

    Another kind of partial denture is made from a flexible, thermoplastic nylon that conforms to the natural shape of your mouth and which is very comfortable to wear. The nice thing about a nylon denture is that it is virtually unbreakable and some makes come with a lifetime warranty against breakages. The denture clasps are made from the same nylon material so the overall effect is very discreet and of course it doesn’t have any metal. A nylon partial denture can be a good choice for people with allergies to acrylic.

    What to Expect When Getting Flexible Dentures?

    You first have to undergo a denture fitting that includes:

    • Tooth extraction. If needed, your dentist extracts your damaged teeth and provides instructions for the aftercare. Sometimes, a panoramic X-ray is needed for the tooth extraction and impression that guides the type and shape of your replacements.
    • Your cosmetic dentist takes molds of your mouth to create a full set of flexible dentures or flexible partial dentures that comfortably fit your mouth. You’re fortunate to have found a cosmetic dentist who also is trained and experienced in general dentistry to take care of any other issues you may have as well.
    • Bite molds. Your dentist uses wax blocks to ensure you bite comfortably. You may also be asked to choose the shape and color of your dentures.
    • Wax models. Your dentures are then set in wax, giving you an idea of how your final dentures will look and work.
    • After your dentures are ready, they’re fitted properly. You receive instructions on how to care for your false teeth.

    During a same-day, 1 day dentures fitting procedure, you may undergo oral surgery of your selected teeth, followed by the insertion of your immediate teeth — whether full flexible dentures or flexible same day partial dentures. You need to learn how to adapt to your same-day dentures after your teeth extraction. Flexible partial dentures, with bridgework supporting a number of artificial teeth, take some getting used to. Your dentist gives you advice and instructions on what to do and what not to do.

    The Cost of Same-Day Dentures

    Cheap same-day dentures don’t really explain the full benefits of same-day dentures. Same-day flexible dentures from Yonkers Dental Spa aren’t exactly inexpensive. But it’s very often the time of the appointments, the rush of the same-day procedures and the in-house creation of the dentures that you’re paying for when you request cheap same-day dentures.

    And you may want to consider flexible partial dentures in a day that typically cost less than full dentures. Partials are often a combination of acrylic material and a metal clasp that holds the replacement tooth or teeth in place. But they can come in various materials, from nylon to thermoplastic. Thermoplastic can be a more expensive option, but it looks and feels more natural.

    Getting the Process Right, 1 Day Dentures

    Before you can get same-day dentures, you may need four to five visits to your general dentist, as well as appointments to fix any additional dental issues. For example, if you need immediate dentures or dentures in a day you may have a tooth extraction for your back teeth six to eight weeks before the denture fabrication phase. This allows your extraction to heal and receive a better-fitting 1 day denture that is fitted on the same day.

    Getting the right denture fit makes all the difference. You may adjust to flexible dentures quickly, while someone else may need some time getting used to them. It can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to get accustomed to your new flexible dentures. Your dentist can give you advice on how to make your flexible dentures more comfortable and how to ensure a proper fit every time.

    Maintaining Your Dentures

    You need to practice exceptional oral health care for your same-day dentures on a daily basis, just like you do for your natural teeth. A sonic cleaner and polish can keep them looking like new. You can also clean them effectively with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a cleaner (not toothpaste) under running water. Ask your dental team for product recommendations.

    Make it a habit not to sleep with your dentures in at night. When you take them out, you soak them in a special liquid or water at night because your dentures can get brittle if they dry out. Ask your dentist for the best products to keep your 1 day fitted emergency dentures in great condition so you can keep your winning smile intact.

    Forget about putting up with the long wait period and overwhelming cost typically involved with the fabrication of Full, Flexible, or Partial Dentures. At our office, we are committed to providing inexpensive dental care, including extractions and dentures on the same day. With our immediate dentures, you can expect to walk away with a more confident smile on the same day!

    Do you have any questions about the same-day dentures – full or flexible partial dentures? Would you like to schedule an appointment with the best-rated cosmetic dentist of Park Avenue Smiles? Please contact our dentist’s office in Yonkers for consultation with the leading 1-day dentures specialist, emergency dentures dentist Farzin Farokhzadeh, DDS.