Last updated: Dec 9, 2020

To cure tooth decay, you need to make a dentist appointment to experienced and dedicated family dentist who can recognize decay and offer tooth decay treatment in the earliest stages. The top rated Yonkers dentists are painless dental practitioners who can treat your entire family. They help you prevent cavities and tooth decay so you can maintain your optimal oral health and maximize your smile power.

You don’t always get fair warning when you start having tooth decay. And while tooth pain or oral nerve pain very often accompanies decay, your best chance of heading off decay is to practice healthy habits and maintain regular checkup visits with your dentist. A dentist provides you with little excuse to skip appointments, which are your best option for tooth decay treatments.

Once decay has started, you’ll often notice a hole in your tooth or feel sensitivity to hot or cold food and beverages. You’re not alone if you do develop cavities; research indicates that about 90 percent of adult Americans experience some level of decay in their lifetimes. But it’s estimated that 30 percent of those do nothing to cure tooth decay.

Anatomy of a Cavity

Plaque is the substance that builds up on your teeth over time. It can be stubborn and doesn’t always disappear after brushing, which is why you need bi-annual professional cleanings. When plaque continues to build, it eventually leads to a breakdown of enamel, the protective covering over your teeth.

And once the enamel begins to wear away, tooth decay begins. Everyone is at risk for tooth decay, although it’s more common among younger adults and children. When you don’t bring your kids in for tooth decay treatment or if you try to cure tooth decay on your own, the risk of pain and even tooth loss increases exponentially.

The Culprits Are Everywhere

You don’t always notice when enamel wears off your teeth You don’t always feel pain or temperature sensitivity, but there are signs of tooth decay that you can see, such as:

  • A hole that’s noticeable, especially in a front tooth
  • A sharp toothache
  • A stained or discolored tooth
  • Searing pain when biting down on something hard

Your dentist open Sunday immediately notices when the enamel begins to thin. He provides you with instructions to slow down the tooth decay progression, because lifestyle and your home oral care habits can make a big difference in how you cure tooth decay.

Sugar, starch and sticky food cling to tooth enamel, providing food for bacteria. The result is acid that wears away the protective enamel if not removed quickly. The acid destroys tooth enamel. Once the enamel is gone, the next layer on your teeth, the dentin, is breached and decay sets in. Dentin is even less resistant to harmful acid than enamel, allowing the acid to spread beyond the initial decayed tooth to one or more nearby teeth.

Dentists Open on Saturday Cure Tooth Decay

Our dental team at dentistry center in Yonkers, NY provides an array of treatments to cure tooth decay. The sooner you begin tooth decay treatment, the easier it is, but it’s never too late to try to save your natural teeth. Some tooth decay treatment solutions include:

  • When your Sunday dentist first notices a slight wearing away of enamel, he can apply fluoride treatments that can help restore the enamel on your teeth.
  • Cavity repair. Fillings are the most common means of tooth decay treatment at your dentist’s disposal. Once the decay has progressed beyond the very earliest stages, your dentist removes the decay and fills the hole, which stops decay in its tracks.
  • Root canal. If you don’t get a filling to stop the decay, the damage continues until it reaches the pulp in your tooth. You’ll notice the pain is stronger once decay reaches this point. A root canal is the process of removing the nerve and the pulp to save the tooth. You won’t feel pain in that tooth anymore.
  • Crown. When you’ve had extensive drilling or a root canal, you need a cap to keep bacteria out of the hole left in your tooth. A custom-fit crown replaces the top of your tooth. Your dentist offers a number of options for crowns, including long-lasting, natural-looking porcelain crowns.
  • Extraction. If there isn’t enough of the natural tooth left to save, you may need to have it pulled out.

Fortunately, your family dentist is also highly trained and experienced in cosmetic dentistry. If you lose one or more teeth, the team at Park Avenue Smiles offers a dentist open Saturday who can provide you with a replacement for tooth decay treatment such as:

Do you have any questions about the Tooth Decay Treatment (Cure & Reverse Tooth Cavity)? For more information or to schedule an appointment with the best rated painless dentistry center, please contact us.