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Dr. Rosenstein, DDS, and Dr. Beydoun, DDS, are among a few implant dentists in Yonkers to offer the newest biocompatible materials and most advanced techniques for placing single or multiple tooth implants. Surgically inserted dental implants made of zirconia or titanium are the best type of replacement to preserve your smile and jawbone.

    Restore Your Missing Teeth With High-Quality Dental Implants

    Are you missing one or more teeth? Perhaps you have teeth that need to be removed. It’s a situation many people find extremely distressing. When you cannot eat comfortably or smile confidently, it can impact social activities and even your general sense of well-being and self-confidence. While dentures and dental bridges that are supported by natural teeth are one possible option, they are often far from perfect, and dental implants can be a preferable solution. In fact, dental implants in Yonkers are an ideal choice for replacing a missing tooth, especially for those living in nearby areas of Scarsdale, White Plains, New Rochelle, Eastchester, Greenburgh, Mt. Vernon, or Bronxville.

    With high-quality dental implant components including the best quality medical grade titanium or titanium alloy our dentists can restore the proper facial dimensions, supporting the facial muscles and rejuvenating facial appearance.

    Visit our practice for high-quality dental implants. We offer the latest in cosmetic and functional replacements for missing teeth. Our best-in-class, top-rated dentists are experts in performing simple and complex full mouth restorations.

    What Are Dental Implants?

    Dental implants are artificial tooth roots for tooth restoration. The required surgery embeds titanium posts into your upper or lower jaw to which your dentist, later, can attach a custom-made crown or a dental cap that will resemble your own teeth. At Park Avenue Smiles we offer single, mini, or full mouth implants. Implant treatment is the gold standard for restoring missing teeth and with good reason. You may consider a single or full mouth implant to replace missing teeth, especially if you feel insecure while smiling, talking, or eating.

    Dental Implant Structure
    Dental Implant Structure
    Single Tooth Implant
    Single Tooth Implant
    Full Mouth Implants
    Full Mouth Implants
    Multiple Teeth Implants
    Multiple Teeth Implants

    Ask your local dentist how tooth implants can help fix your smile. At our Park Avenue Smiles, we use only the best quality medical-grade titanium or titanium alloy for dental implants.

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    Does Missing Teeth Lead to Health Problems?

    Missing teeth impact how your teeth come together, they shift, and with that, you can get an uneven bite (malocclusion). A bite irregularity can lead to a variety of problems, including headaches, TMJ, and even poor nutrition. Missing teeth can interfere with your self-confidence, especially if you are missing teeth in the front of your mouth.

    Dental implants in Yonkers will improve your smile and facial dimensions, but most definitely, they can improve your health and overall quality of life.

    Missing teeth affect facial dimensions
    Missing teeth affect facial dimensions

    Dental Implants are used to restore (reconstruct) your teeth, therefore implant procedure is considered cosmetic, unlike dentures are considered prostheses. Your insurance can cover the prosthetic procedure, but will not pay for the cosmetic dentistry. Keep in mind that dental implants not only help preserve the aesthetic view of the mouth but also preserve the overall structure of the mouth, unlike dentures.

    If You Live in Yonkers, NY Where Do You Find The Best Implant Dentist?

    If you need teeth implants — whether you need a single tooth, mini or full dental implants — talk to our dentists Dr. Yana Rosenstein DDS, Dr. John Habib DDS, and Dr. Fadi Beydoun DDS. Park Avenue Smiles is located in the heart of Yonkers on Park Ave between Glenwood Ave and Delavan Terrace.

    Yana Rosenstein DDS
    Yana Rosenstein, DDS
    Periodontist / Dental Implant Specialist
    John Habib DDS
    John Habib, DDS
    Dental Implant Specialist
    Fadi Beydoun DDS
    Fadi Beydoun, DDS
    Periodontist / Dental Implant Specialist

    At your first appointment, our dentist examines your mouth, gums, and teeth. If necessary, a dental cleaning follows which also includes X-rays of your bone structure.

    After the examination, your dentist explains how your bone density, oral hygiene, medical history, and everyday habits affect your ability to get successful implants. Our dentists, share what you can expect before, during, and after the procedure.

    During this consultation, you can discuss options for anesthesia or sedation, depending on your comfort level. Your dentist also explains the cost of dental implants.

    List of surgical services often provided by our specialists are:

    • Extractions, Surgical Extractions
    • Single Tooth Replacement with Dental Implant
    • Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Dental Implants
    • Implant replacement
    • Sinus Lift
    • Bone Graft

    Many patients consider exceptional professionals Dr. Yana Rosenstein DDS, Dr. John Habib DDS, and Dr. Fadi Beydoun DDS, the best dentists because of the care they receive, the virtually painless and easy-tolerated dental implant treatments, and beautiful aesthetic results.

    Experience Counts When It Comes to Having Dental Implants Fitted

    Many people will assume their family dentist can fit tooth implants, and while this might be the case, it’s not always the best solution.

    Some family dentists are committed to providing excellent implant treatment and have attended multiple courses on this subject. Others may have only attended a quick course, giving them a good overview of implant treatment and training them on using a specific implant system.

    Unfortunately, experience matters when it comes to implant treatment, and it’s not the cheapest solution, so choose the best implant dentist for your needs. When you see the dentist who has committed to advanced training, like our periodontists Dr. Yana Rosenstein DDS, and Dr. Fadi Beydoun DDS, you receive the most up-to-date implant treatment and the best implant system to restore your missing teeth.

    Many implant systems on the market are often more suitable for different procedures and situations. Also, an experienced and highly trained dentist has all the equipment in the dental office needed to:

    • diagnose
    • plan
    • place your dental implants

    With the right planning and after-care, dental implants can last for decades or even for life, so it pays to carefully choose your dentist. Afterward, you must commit to looking after your dental implants correctly, which isn’t difficult, but you need an excellent oral care routine.

    Some Of Our Dental Implant Reviews

    Where to start, the front staff is friendly, professional, and well-informed.
    I have run the gamete having had everything from the best cleanings to life-changing dental implants and cosmetic dentistry.
    Dr. Habit is awesome at all aspects of cosmetic and family dentistry. He genuinely cares about his patients. He has moved heaven and earth to please me.
    Finally, I found a dental office that makes me feel at home. My 13-year-old twins have no fear of going to the dentist due to the impeccable care they have experienced at Dr. Habib’s hand. He took the time to explain what to expect. And I kid you not he pulled four baby teeth and my son was a trooper. This is because of Dr. Habib’s bedside manner.
    Most of all I am so grateful for the beautiful smile I have been granted. Since I battled cancer I have lost many teeth. It is life-changing when you are embarrassed to laugh, smile or even speak due to tooth decay.
    Today I smile. I laugh. And speak my mind proudly. Gone are the days of censoring myself.
    Aimee Maldonado
    Google Review
    Muy bien atendida el Dr habib muy amable y su asistente jossie
    Quede satisfecha con mi implante muy buen trabajo.
    Marlene Cruz
    Google Review
    I had an implant done here and the work is always correct and in a timely matter, very nice and understanding implant dentists would definitely recommend any of them, especially Dr. Habib.
    Joe Bolognese
    Google Review

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will Dental Implants be Successful?

    Yonkers Dental Implants
    Dental Implants Before and After

    Usually, dental implant procedure has a success rate of approximately 95%.

    The same procedure when performed by an experienced periodontist has success rates that are even higher because their training is more specialized compared with general or cosmetic dentists. Also, the way dental implant treatment is planned can make a huge difference.

    At our Park Avenue Smiles while planning your implant procedure we use the latest techniques and technologies that include:

    • Computer-guided dental implant surgery
    • Cone beam CT scan
    • High precision and low radiation scan

    Come visit our tooth implants center. We can assure you our dentists have the experience and artistic talent to create that perfect smile you always wanted.

    Am I a Good Candidate for a Tooth Implant?

    Candidates for dental implant procedures must have good general and oral health due to the surgical procedure involved. One needs healthy gum tissue, no periodontal disease, and sufficient bone to anchor the post of the dental implant which will gradually fuse with the bone.

    How to Prepare for the Dental Implant Surgery?

    If you smoke cigarettes, your local dentist advises you to quit at least two weeks prior to the procedure. Smokers face increased risks. Plus, smoking can affect how your full dental implants — or even a single tooth implant — bond to your jawbone.

    You may need a bone graft if the bone has already begun to deteriorate. This surgery has to be completed before you have the dental implant procedure. Another option is to have smaller implants called mini dental implants.

    Other common issues to resolve before the surgery include:

    • Tooth decay
    • Gum disease
    • Tooth extraction

    Bone Graft

    If you need a graft before the mouth implants, it may take up to a full year to fully heal. The procedure for any dental implant, even for a single tooth implant, is a two-stage affair, therefore you need multiple visits. But the surgery is an outpatient procedure, so no hospital visit is required.

    During your first visit, the dentist surgically places the titanium stubs or posts into your upper or lower jaw. Titanium actually encourages your bone to grow, so it will surround the post and hold it in place.

    At further visits, an abutment or extension is attached to the post, and the final crown or tooth replacement attaches to the abutment. This process alone may take up to two months.

    Ceramic or Titanium Tooth Implants: Which is Better?

    Traditionally, teeth implants are made from metal, to be more precise a titanium alloy that is highly biocompatible with the body. The material is ideal, because once the tooth implant is inserted into the jawbone, then it usually integrates and bonds with the bone exceptionally well.

    Once integrated, the titanium alloy dental implant is ready to support:

    • implant crown
    • bridge
    • denture

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    It’s a system that has been used now for decades and which is highly reliable, but over the past few years, there has been increasing concern about the effects of having any sort of metal in the body. Some people don’t want to have anything metal inside them, while others may have metal allergies or sensitivities which make the use of titanium teeth implants less desirable. Where this is the case, ceramic implants could be a possible solution as they are metal-free.

    Ceramic dental implants will appeal to anybody searching for a more holistic approach to dentistry because it is a material that more easily mimics nature, does not show through the gum, a quality known as being biomimetic.

    What Are Ceramic Tooth Implants?

    All-ceramic tooth implants are white, or tooth-colored and are made from a material called zirconia. Interestingly, zirconia is what’s called a transitional metal and zirconia moth implants are made from a type of zirconium oxide. It’s the addition of oxide that changes the composition of the material, as well as its structure and its name.

    Even though metal or titanium dental implants are excellent, the white color of zirconia implants makes them incredibly appealing, and especially for aesthetics. Come visit our dentistry center and meet the best-rated dentists, Dr. Yana Rosenstein and Dr. John Habib. You will leave our office with your permanent teeth that are fully functional and look highly aesthetic.

    Most are fabricated in a single unit, consisting of the implant post and the implant abutment, which is the part that protrudes above the gum. Titanium tooth implants are traditionally formed in two separate parts consisting of the implant post and the implant abutment. However, newer forms of ceramic implants are now available, and they do come in two parts.

    Are There Times When Titanium Tooth Implants Are Better?

    The idea of having a metal-free restoration will be appealing to many people, especially because it could offer a more aesthetic outcome.

    However, implants made of titanium can still sometimes be a preferable choice, and especially for more complex restorations such as restoring a complete arch of teeth.

    Teeth implants are an excellent way to restore complete arches, either by replacing teeth with a full arch bridge that will restore 10 to 12 teeth or by securing an implant-supported denture. It’s a sophisticated treatment that takes enormous skill and planning on the part of the dentist.

    The position of every single dental implant must be carefully assessed to make sure it is securely located in the jawbone while avoiding essential structures. Your dentist will also consider how your teeth will look when fully restored.

    For example, if a tooth implant is wrongly placed or incorrectly angled, then it will make it very difficult to properly restore with a crown or bridge that looks natural and which functions just like real teeth.

    Choosing Between Zirconia and Titanium Implants

    Ceramic tooth implants can be an excellent choice if you do have metal sensitivities and have previously thought that tooth implants are not for you.

    However, if you are considering teeth implants and have severe metal allergies, then it could be worth being properly tested with what’s called a MELISA test, which can determine your sensitivities to specific metals.

    Ceramic implants are also very appealing for anyone looking for a metal-free solution to replace missing teeth, but generally, it’s worth being guided by your dentist, even if you have your heart set on ceramic implants.

    Titanium and zirconia are both highly biocompatible which is why these materials are used by our dental providers for placing dental implants.

    Often, it’s entirely feasible to create natural and aesthetically pleasing teeth implants without using zirconia implants. Titanium alloy mouth implants have been used for decades and are heavily researched and tested by the major implant companies that manufacture the most well-known brands.

    Although zirconia mouth implants have been available for quite some time, long-term studies are less readily available because they just haven’t been used as long.

    After assessing your mouth and talking with you, Dr. Yana Rosenstein or Dr. John Habib can discuss the most suitable solutions for your tooth loss. They explain each solution in detail, so you know exactly why they feel this option will offer the best results. Make sure you understand the treatment being offered to you and always ask if something doesn’t make sense.

    Excellent dentists such as Dr. Yana Rosenstein and Dr. John Habib will never mind going over the details with you once more. Ultimately, they want to provide you with the best and most long-lasting treatment that will give you a beautiful yet functional smile.

    Recovering from Your Dental Implant Procedure

    Discomfort and pain are minimal and normal after your dental implant procedure. Your dentist may provide pain medication as needed to relieve the discomfort. You may notice:

    • Some swelling of your gums and cheeks
    • Minor bleeding and bruising of the implant site

    Recovery depends on a variety of factors, including your health and the number of posts needed. Obviously, you recover faster for a single tooth implant than for full mouth implants. Healing from dental implant surgery typically takes four to six months.

    Mini implants use the same general dental implant procedure, but the posts are smaller. Recovery is therefore faster. Mini implants offer that advantage, but the disadvantage is they may not be quite as strong. However, they’re perfect for people with thinner bone densities.

    Post-Implant Care

    Once you get tooth implants, maintain them with healthy daily oral hygiene habits just like you care for your natural teeth. Whether you get a single tooth implant or mini or full mouth implant, you must care for them to make them last. Failure to floss and brush your teeth can cause infection and other problems. Smoking can also contribute to implant failure, so avoid it.

    During your recovery period, schedule follow-up appointments with your specialist any day of the week, since you now have a Saturday dentist and a Sunday dentist available. With proper care, your dental implants can last a lifetime. Because of that, many people feel the dental implant procedure is worth the investment.

    The biggest advantage of dental implants is that they do not require any special care, although they do need to be replaced every few years. It is best if they are placed by a dentist who is experienced in this type of tooth replacement surgery.
    Do you have any questions about dental implants? Please contact our cosmetic dentistry center located in Yonkers, Westchester County for a consultation with the leading dental specialists Dr. Yana Rosenstein and Dr. Fadi Beydoun DDS.