Last updated: Jul 15, 2022

When you need denture repairs, you need them fast. Your denture repair dentist is available on the weekend and willing to provide an emergency denture repair for you. The best option is a same-day denture repair. But whether you need a complete broken denture or partial denture repair, you can rely on the affordable dentist at Yonkers Dental Spa.

Dentures are removable teeth. They replace your missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. You rely on them to smile, eat and talk properly. If they get damaged, you need to walk into a denture repair dentist and have them fixed.

Without your dentures, your smile changes dramatically. You may not want to leave or attend to your regular duties. No matter what day of the week your dentures break, you can get same-day denture repair from a general dentist. Your dentist can make the denture repairs you need so you can get on with your life.

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How to Care for Your Dentures?

You have one of two types of dentures:

  • Complete dentures. You get these when you’re missing all of your teeth.
  • Partial dentures. You may get these when some of your natural teeth are still strong and stable.

Caring for both types requires brushing them in a circular motion with regular toothpaste and a toothbrush. You must also soak your dentures in a cleaning solution overnight. Proper care prolongs the life of your dentures and reduces the possibility of needing denture repairs. But sometimes, the inevitable occurs, and you’ll need a broken denture repair from top-rated dental providers.

What Causes Dentures to Break?

Dental labs use various materials such as nylon resin, acrylic resin, and metal when making dentures. They often use metal covered in plastic with plastic teeth for partial dentures. These are all strong materials. Nevertheless, you may need an emergency denture repair service or partial denture repair for several different reasons.

Some of the most common reasons why you may end up needing a repair include:

  • Wear and tear over several years. Everyday activities such as chewing wear down the material. Even the temperature variations in food place stress on your dentures. Acidic food and the moisture in your mouth also wear them down, eventually requiring a denture repair dentist.
  • Progressive bone loss shrinks your jaw over time. This causes dentures to no longer fit properly. In turn, your dentures crack at specific pressure points. Once a crack develops, you need denture repairs.
  • Poor-fitting dentures cause micro-fractures to form in your dentures as you chew food. This is worse if your upper and lower dentures don’t align properly. If you place too much stress on the wrong area, it eventually causes a significant break and the need to see a denture repair dentist.
  • Impact fractures from when you accidentally drop your dentures, yet another reason to seek out emergency denture repair.
  • Improper care. You need denture repairs when you don’t take care of your dental appliances. Whether you don’t remove them at night or accidentally fall out during the day, you need to find broken denture repair.

When You Need Affordable Professional Denture Repairs?

You cannot fix your dentures. It isn’t possible because you don’t have the correct tools and materials at your disposal. Repairing dentures takes proper knowledge and skill. You must visit a local denture repair dentist. Attempting to fix your dentures may cause more damage, costing you more money in repairs in the long run.

When you need your partial denture repaired or any part of your dentures fixed, make sure you see a dentist open Saturday or Sunday.

Your dentist at Park Avenue Smiles understands the nature of emergency denture repair and works hard to give you immediate attention. If you need temporary dentures while your permanent ones are fixed, your dentist can provide them.

Can a Broken Denture Be Fixed?

When your dentures break, immediately call your dentist.  Your dentist understands how difficult it is to go without your dentures, even for a short time.

How your cosmetic dentist fixes your dentures depends on how they broke—some types of breaks from impacts that your dentist can’t fix. Sometimes, same-day denture repair isn’t possible, such as when your dentist has to send your dentures back to the dental lab. But your dentist does everything possible to get you back to your everyday life with your teeth.

An emergency walk-in dentist at Yonkers Dental Spa provides denture repair procedures on a same-day basis. Using the most advanced dental equipment,  your local prosthodontist can restore a fractured or damaged denture close to its original condition and will recommend steps needed to prevent further breakage. Schedule an appointment today if you are looking for purpose-driven oral health care that’s also fast and affordable.

Do you have any questions about the denture repair? Please contact our dental clinic for more information or to schedule an appointment with the top dentist Farzin Farokhzadeh, DDS of Park Avenue Smiles.