Last updated: Jun 8, 2022

Park Avenue Smiles is an eminent team of restorative and cosmetic dentistry specialists offering a long-lasting tooth replacement in the form of a custom-crafted dental bridge. In our office in Yonkers, NY, you’ll find a dentist who is best to provide you with a new tooth and smile makeover in a friendly, comfortable environment. Restore your confidence as well as health and function to your smile without the need for surgery using low-hassle and easy-to-manage dental bridges provided by the best dentist in the area. Receive the most effective care possible by visiting our practice, which is open on Saturdays for your convenience.

    If a missing tooth is ruining that smile of yours, then a dental bridge might be for you. It literally bridges the gap between one or more teeth. A dental bridge is a common low-risk treatment. And dentists open on Saturday can perform the procedure for you. Ask your dentist today to see if you’re a good candidate.

    I’m relieved that getting a bridge didn’t need such a lengthy procedure. I don’t have to be as concerned about my smile anymore. I’m grateful to God for the peace of mind I’m having right now. Thank you so much for everything.
    Susana O’Connell
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    A dental bridge places artificial teeth between two crowns to fill a gap. Although they can be made with many materials, usually they’re porcelain. Porcelain crowns can be polished to match your current teeth, leaving a nearly seamless transition that lasts up to 10 years or more with good hygiene.

    Dental Bridge vs. Implants: What’s Best for You?

    Dental bridges have benefits beyond restoring a full smile. The bridge helps maintain the shape of your face. It also prevents teeth from drifting out of place. The benefits aren’t only cosmetic, though. Bridges help restore your ability to chew and speak properly, as well as maintain a correct bite, preventing dental problems such as broken or cracked teeth. A dentist at Park Avenue Smiles Yonkers takes care of you so your issues don’t worsen.

    Consider the benefits between a dental bridge vs. implants and make an informed decision. Although dental bridge costs may be a factor in your decision, remember how long they last. An implant is similar in that it replaces missing teeth and restores your smile. But unlike a bridge, an implant requires oral surgery.

    Implants are similar to natural teeth. They use metal posts, inserted into your jawbone to mimic a tooth. It doesn’t need to hang onto nearby teeth. When your family dentist also has training and experience in cosmetic dentistry you get the lowdown on the full complement of options between a dental bridge vs. implants.

    Are You a Good Candidate?

    Basically, the answer is yes if you’re missing teeth. Bridges are best, however, for people missing less than four teeth in a row. Also consider how sturdy the neighboring teeth are. Are they free of decay? Most bridges are supported by putting a crown on nearby teeth, hence the importance of healthy surrounding teeth.

    If a tooth near the bridge site isn’t as healthy as your dentist wants, you’re likely a good candidate for a bridge supported by an implant. Your dentist examines the surrounding bone in your jaw to see if an implant can be supported. Regardless if you choose the implant or a traditional bridge — if you’re missing teeth, you’re likely a great candidate for this treatment.

    The Process for Dental Bridges

    Getting a dental bridge may require several visits. Having a dentist open on Saturday can be a huge help. Your first visit consists of an examination. And your dentist generally prepares the nearby teeth as well. Some dentists make a temporary bridge to protect the site until you return.

    During the second visit, the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent one is put in place. Follow-up visits consist of adjusting the fit. Dentists also check to make sure your bite is correct. Each dental bridge is different, so each fit is unique.

    What’s the Cost?

    Since this procedure has become more commonplace, the cost has lowered, but there are several factors when figuring out a price. Ask your dentist to go over the specific dental bridge costs, which may or may not be covered partially or wholly by your insurance coverage.

    Bridges come in a variety of options that tend to range from about $500 to more than $1000 per tooth. If you think that’s a bit steep, remember that dental bridges generally last 10 and can last for up to 15 years. Dental bridges aren’t just a bandage — they’re a worthwhile investment.

    While the price range is broad, there are several factors that come into play, such as:

    • How many teeth are you replacing? Bridges are generally priced on a per tooth basis.
    • What material did you choose? While a bridge can be made of different materials, many people prefer porcelain or zirconia due to how realistic they look and how long they last.
    • How is the bridge made? Some dentists have the option of a same-day procedure with a permanent bridge, but be aware that it probably costs more.

    Other things that affect the price include how much experience the dentist has with this procedure and how much time it takes. These are all factors that can affect cost. Don’t fixate on price though. Remember, missing teeth don’t always mean just a gap in your smile — they can indicate or precipitate a gap in your health too.

    The dentists at Park Avenue Smiles are highly trained in using dental bridges to restore teeth function and appearance. For more information about dental bridge procedure or to schedule an appointment with the best-rated bridge dentist, please contact our dental center.
    Do you have any questions about the dental bridge procedure? For more bridge dental work information or to schedule an appointment with the best-rated bridge dentist please contact our dental center for consultation.