Last updated: Jun 22, 2022

The best teeth whitening comes from the best cosmetic, walk-in dentist in Yonkers.  Our dentistry facility offers laser teeth whitening as well as Zoom whitening. Zoom teeth whitening is a proven way to brighten your smile, and Zoom whitening costs are now reasonable. Laser whitening, on the other hand, is more expensive but lasts up to three years.

    Before After Dental Deep Teeth Cleaning Yonkers NYOne of the quickest and most non-invasive methods to improve your smile is to whiten your teeth. Over the years, the white enamel on your teeth gets worn down, becoming more translucent. The aging process allows the yellow color of the tooth’s core, or dentin, to show through.

    Staining occurs from multiple sources, including:

    • Thinning enamel due to age
    • Genetic predisposition to enamel translucency and thinning
    • Eating habits that include dark-colored beverages or certain high-acidic foods
    • Smoking or other use of tobacco products
    • Drugs or chemicals such as high consumption of fluoride or certain antibiotics
    • Grinding your teeth
    • Repeated traumas that cause micro-cracks in your tooth enamel
    I’ve been coming to Park Ave for years. Today, I did my first whitening. Monique was absolutely fantastic. She was patient, kind and personable. More people should be like her! Always a pleasure and absolutely would recommend to anyone interested.
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    Addressing Stains by Whitening Teeth

    Most people associate white teeth with youth and health, so improving the color of your teeth gives a boost to your self-esteem. Your teeth can develop two different types of stains:

    1. Extrinsic stains exist on the surface of your teeth that result from exposure to dark-colored beverages, foods and tobacco, as well as normal wear and tear. These stains respond well to routine cleaning or professional Zoom teeth whitening.
    2. Intrinsic stains lie below the surface of the teeth and result from trauma, exposure to certain minerals or chemicals, aging and illness. In the past, these stains were thought to be unreachable, but with a cosmetic dentist specializing in laser teeth whitening, you can achieve satisfying results.

    Your dentist can advise you on the best teeth whitening procedure for you. It depends on your history and habits. Usually, one of two methods is recommended:

    1. Custom-made take-home kits to address the more tenacious intrinsic stains
    2. Zoom teeth whitening in the dental clinic Yonkers, NY of your cosmetic dentist to remedy most extrinsic stains

    Procedure for Laser Whitening

    When you come in for the best teeth whitening treatments, your best rated dental provider, open on Saturday s for your convenience, completes the following steps:

    1. Professionally cleans your teeth to remove plaque and debris
    2. Gives you a thorough exam to uncover any dental health concerns
    3. Takes photos and shade measurements of your teeth
    4. Inserts a cheek retractor to move your cheek tissue away from your teeth
    5. Paints a liquid rubber dam or resin on your gum tissue to protect it from the bleaching agents
    6. Applies the first coat of a bleaching gel and leaves it on for about 15 minutes
    7. Uses a visible blue-colored laser to activate or enhance the bleaching process
    8. Suctions off the gel, checks, and applies a fresh coat — you usually receive three coats
    9. After the final application, photographs the shade changes and compares
    10. Provides a take-home touch-up kit, which works without the laser

    Laser teeth whitening is the best teeth whitening treatment, but it’s also the most expensive. You see a slight change in the shade of your teeth over the next few days as your teeth adjust to the process.

    Zoom Teeth Whitening

    The Zoom whitening cost is much less than laser teeth whitening. It works over time with continued use. Zoom teeth whitening is a bleaching gel your dentist can administer. You can use the product at home, as long as you follow the instructions closely. Zoom teeth whitening has many advantages for improving your smile, including:

    • It’s quick, usually requiring about an hour.
    • It’s non-invasive — no drilling, stitches, anesthesia or needles.
    • It improves the color of your teeth, making them instantly whiter and brighter.
    • Zoom whitening costs have reduced over the years to around $500.
    • Your whitening specialist monitors your progress, reducing the risk of gum irritation.
    • There’s no risk of enamel stripping due to abrasives.
    • You see instant, noticeable results with whitening anywhere from three to ten shades.

    While Zoom whitening is safe and effective, there are disadvantages to the procedure too, such as:

    • You may experience temporary tooth sensitivity, although most people find this wears off within a few days.
    • Your gums become slightly irritated if the bleaching gel contacts them.
    • If you’ve had previous dental work, Zoom whitening doesn’t affect the color of:
    • Any white spots on your teeth may become more prominent after treatment.
    • If you experience tooth or gum hypersensitivity, have deep, intractable stains, or your teeth are transparent from age, you may not be a good candidate for Zoom teeth whitening.

    The Best Teeth Whitening in Yonkers

    Yellow, brown or gray smiles inhibit self-confidence. Whether genetics, past decisions or events, or simple aging have darkened your teeth, Zoom teeth whitening restores the healthy and youthful bright smile you remember.

    Long-lasting, quick, safe and effective laser whitening is also available to improve your dental health and appearance. Every individual’s needs are different, but the best teeth whitening provides consistent, instant results.

    Do you have any questions about the Zoom Whitening (laser teeth whitening) procedure? For more laser teeth whitening information or to schedule an appointment with the best teeth whitening dentist please contact our dentist office for consultation.